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[June 24, 4:19 am]
benny bennasi was amazing,
i danced the night away
and had an amazing time.
i didnt care what i looked like and i just went for it
needs to happen more often :D

plus i sweat atleast 2 lbs off
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[November 2, 7:59 pm]
hhn is over.
im psyched, more time to sleep n not worry about being late.
ill miss everyone, even though i was quiet.
good luck to everyone trying out for macys! :D
see everyone at the wrap party.
gotta find an outfit!!!!!
cut it up slut it up
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[September 9, 11:55 pm]
i got a sugar glider!!!!!
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[August 28, 1:22 am]

im pretty sure this is what scare zone im in.
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Sister's Love [March 26, 12:51 am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Sister's Love
By:Miranda Horta

After a long day of school and work, people crave to be with those they admire most. I am one of those lucky few who are able to see the person I admire everyday. This person just so happens to be my oldest sister Amanda. I hold her in high-esteem for her personality, her tolerance of different people, and her outlook on the world.

Amanda has always had a wonderful personality. She thinks a lot of different things are funny, even if they're not. About a month ago we were watching the show "HOUSE" and the doctor, House, was being his jerk self. Amanda thought that he was just so funny. She practically broke down in hysterical laughter. She seems to be able to put a smile on just about anyone's face, especially her own. Even though she's an easily amused person, she still has a good head on her shoulders.

Amanda is one of those people who accepts just about anybody for who they are. Over her eighteen years of life she has had a variety of different friends. She has hung out with people like skaters, to those people who are not only smart but like video games, too. Unlike most girls, she has always hung out with more guys than girls. With that being said she till always has one or two girls in her inner circle. One friend that she has seemed to have constantly throughout her life since fourth grade is Amber Beard. Although not always accepted by other of Amanda's friends they've always been like sisters. Amanda usually stays friends with people for years.

My sister Amanda has an innocent outlook on the world. She seems to think that everyone and everything is okay; that people aren't all bad. Just a week ago we were watching an episode of "HOUSE" and my mom had said, "That's so bad, why can't he just be nicer to the patients?" Amanda had replied, "Well I think it's funny, plus it helps him solve the case." She says it like everything has a reason, everything has a purpose.

To me my sister is a person easily idolized. Her personality, tolerance of people, and outlook on the world is something I think she should be proud of. It's a great feeling to know someone looks up to you and an even greater one to look up to someone else. I'm grateful to have someone to admire in everything they do.

nobodys ever written something for me/about me before... made me feel so special.
she was gonna give it to me for valentines day, but just got it back.
i love it so much. makes me almost cry


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[June 27, 11:47 pm]
i hate college
i hate ucf
i havent even signed up for classes

fuck you school
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[June 15, 11:55 pm]
[ mood | at cr none the less ]

why do i keep trusting him? i believe him and then he just lies like he has 50 times before. hes supposed to be my friend, but he lies and makes me all excited were gunna hang out and texts me all day and then once were actually suppose to hang out hes gone. what the fuck. gettin my hopes up to see an old friend. all he really is is an asshole. and i cant believe i fell for his stupid tricks again.

ugh it wont b easy making me forgive you this time.
u disapoint me

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[May 23, 2:47 pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

things are so different.
even from reading my last entries things have changed so much.
not that i wasnt expecting them all too. but its just strange. Ive
lost so many people, so many friends. It hurts when you know its
your fault that things are different because of things you have
said and its even worse when its just because people dont care.
laurens mad at me for who knows what. Conner is off in his lil
world with miss bethany. I need more friends.

I really want new friends, its hard tho cuz it feels like i have to
wait for all my old friends to leave to make the new ones. But
im so nervous about al of them leaving. Im going to miss them
so much, I dont know whats gonna happen. I just want it to
work out. Who wants to hang out? Cuz im sure I wont have any
thing to do in a while.

On better terms, tomorrow im leaving for the cruise with my
family and cousins, and it should be fun. Ive been before so its
nothing new but im hoping itll b fun because im older and my
cousin is lots of fun

Im gonna miss jeffrey tho. I hope itll be fun when i get back and
there will be stuff to do. Apopka is so boring lol.

o0o n I want a job at blockbuster cuz its so close to home and
itll probly be super easy. Ahhh nobody will hire me grrr. its
making me mad, lol im not trying that much but still. I want
money, I went shopping and i bought this cute stuff ;] and I
know its cute cuz jeff doesnt want me wearing it. haha. so ill
have to show it off in some picture. yay.

i needa go to the gym, i havent been in forever. i havent gaind
anything but i still really need to. its not that bad i guess, i got
used to it after going for so long. so who wants to go with me?
i doubt lauren is up for it now that shes wherever she is. :/
wish she didnt get mad for everything. maybe shell come
around... maybe?

sooo who wants to hang out? im up for nething. lol

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[April 7, 4:36 pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

137 baby! :DDDDDD

damm im happy

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[April 2, 11:24 pm]
im scared proms not gunna b as great as its supose to be.
all my friends are off in different places.
im going to have to visit each of em
I really want a picture of me n all my guys friends at prom.
i hope they cooperate.

off to bed.
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[March 26, 10:19 pm]
ive lost 10 lbs, im so proud of myself :]

maybe ill look pretty at prom after all
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[February 12, 4:46 pm]
froggers night, woot woot.
im gunna take a shower, i wont have time to straighten my hair again :/
gotta get my sister
had a photoshoot today, it was fun
i dont want kids.
my ankles hurt
i get to go to the gym w/ lauren tomorrow, yay.

what a day.
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[February 9, 9:57 am]
soo im at school, right now, chillaxin as usual. and pretty not excited for lunch cuz i just sit there and i will be sitting with neither vickie or brian cuz they are on a fieldtrip, not like we actually talk but w/e.

exciting news for today:

because if you get published in govt u dont have to write 5 essays for the final exam so yay! :D

The topic was: Criminal violence is increasing, how has it affected your life and what should b done about it?.
soo i wrote

Becoming more aware
"Because violences is one the rise, my family has become more aware of our surroundings. Our mom is more protective and concerned about whom we are with and what we're doing. We feel as if the world around us is more out of control and destrctive, which makes us lock our doors and watch our backs more.

To fix this problem, programs should be instituted that protect and watch over more areas throughout the community. The reason for this increase in violent crime is because people are not getting penalized witht he correct consequences and also because expectations are low for the criminals.

To change this, people should try to change how they live with help from others in the community, and the laws should be changed to penalize those who commit crimes with the correct punishment."

haha which is all bullshit btw, but it sounds good i think :]


ps. i need a job
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[February 6, 11:20 am]

your a sexy momma(from jeff to my ♥)

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[November 28, 11:13 am]
dammit im bored. im in graphics and jeff wont stop moving my legg!
christmas is coming soon! watr u gunna get me ;D
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[November 14, 10:47 pm]
i got a boyfriend, hehehe

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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wow... [October 11, 9:05 am]
i havent updated since almost a month ago, it is quite sad.

i dont know why, maybe its cuz i havent been doing nething or maybe its cuz it just feels like i havent been doing anything but im out more than i used to be. im not happy with my life right now, i used to be happy just because i would get a phonecall or have a friend wanna see me, but now its different, somethings missing. i still get happy but not as i was b4, i feel as if i have no friends again. its strange to hear me say that im not happy, cuz yeah,,, i always am. but.. i duno. maybe im just thinking too much or thinking differently.

as everybody is chatting about homecoming i might as well say something too.
i have my dress, i dont care about my shoes, or my hair, w/e i just want it to get here so it can b goin on and then over with.
but yeah my dress is polka dotted :D, i like it. duno if i look good in it
but i got it neway. i wanna get jeff a polka dotted tie(hes my dizzate) as everyone predicted, so we made it true. w/e lol he doesnt dance so ill still b runnin around, not a big deal.

im trying to do good this year in school, i actually want to do good, ive done (mostly... ) every assignment thats been thrown at me. and im studying for pre-calc because i want to pass. WITH A "B"! who knows if thatll happen. i have a test today and i need atleast an 85 (impossible) to get a C on this 9 weeks grade, ahhh. not kewl. but my last grade on a test was a 79, i do have to say, I AM PROUD OF THAT!!!

well bells about to ring,
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seanie said i was adorable [September 15, 9:20 pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


tagged by nigga daniel.

ten things that make me happiest:
making people smile
meeting new people
singing in the car
jumping/running around

i tag..
tina koompone
big sissi brownie
sawah kopatich
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[September 3, 2:28 pm]

i love my bestest friend uber much.Collapse )

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[September 3, 12:08 pm]
everyone thinks im always with GUYS, i think its funny.
patty even says, "whenever i see you your always surrounded by guys"
i love it, im their hor. :D

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