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i havent updated since almost a month ago, it is quite sad.

i dont know why, maybe its cuz i havent been doing nething or maybe its cuz it just feels like i havent been doing anything but im out more than i used to be. im not happy with my life right now, i used to be happy just because i would get a phonecall or have a friend wanna see me, but now its different, somethings missing. i still get happy but not as i was b4, i feel as if i have no friends again. its strange to hear me say that im not happy, cuz yeah,,, i always am. but.. i duno. maybe im just thinking too much or thinking differently.

as everybody is chatting about homecoming i might as well say something too.
i have my dress, i dont care about my shoes, or my hair, w/e i just want it to get here so it can b goin on and then over with.
but yeah my dress is polka dotted :D, i like it. duno if i look good in it
but i got it neway. i wanna get jeff a polka dotted tie(hes my dizzate) as everyone predicted, so we made it true. w/e lol he doesnt dance so ill still b runnin around, not a big deal.

im trying to do good this year in school, i actually want to do good, ive done (mostly... ) every assignment thats been thrown at me. and im studying for pre-calc because i want to pass. WITH A "B"! who knows if thatll happen. i have a test today and i need atleast an 85 (impossible) to get a C on this 9 weeks grade, ahhh. not kewl. but my last grade on a test was a 79, i do have to say, I AM PROUD OF THAT!!!

well bells about to ring,
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