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Sister's Love

Sister's Love
By:Miranda Horta

After a long day of school and work, people crave to be with those they admire most. I am one of those lucky few who are able to see the person I admire everyday. This person just so happens to be my oldest sister Amanda. I hold her in high-esteem for her personality, her tolerance of different people, and her outlook on the world.

Amanda has always had a wonderful personality. She thinks a lot of different things are funny, even if they're not. About a month ago we were watching the show "HOUSE" and the doctor, House, was being his jerk self. Amanda thought that he was just so funny. She practically broke down in hysterical laughter. She seems to be able to put a smile on just about anyone's face, especially her own. Even though she's an easily amused person, she still has a good head on her shoulders.

Amanda is one of those people who accepts just about anybody for who they are. Over her eighteen years of life she has had a variety of different friends. She has hung out with people like skaters, to those people who are not only smart but like video games, too. Unlike most girls, she has always hung out with more guys than girls. With that being said she till always has one or two girls in her inner circle. One friend that she has seemed to have constantly throughout her life since fourth grade is Amber Beard. Although not always accepted by other of Amanda's friends they've always been like sisters. Amanda usually stays friends with people for years.

My sister Amanda has an innocent outlook on the world. She seems to think that everyone and everything is okay; that people aren't all bad. Just a week ago we were watching an episode of "HOUSE" and my mom had said, "That's so bad, why can't he just be nicer to the patients?" Amanda had replied, "Well I think it's funny, plus it helps him solve the case." She says it like everything has a reason, everything has a purpose.

To me my sister is a person easily idolized. Her personality, tolerance of people, and outlook on the world is something I think she should be proud of. It's a great feeling to know someone looks up to you and an even greater one to look up to someone else. I'm grateful to have someone to admire in everything they do.

nobodys ever written something for me/about me before... made me feel so special.
she was gonna give it to me for valentines day, but just got it back.
i love it so much. makes me almost cry

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